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Regular communication with your customers is critical.

Communication ensures a positive customer experience. Even with good intentions, regular engagement with a customer often ends the minute a sale is made.

The salesperson has already moved onto their next lead. As a result, the customer who has recently purchased has almost been forgotten.

Benefits of B2B Call Centre Customer Engagement Services

Maintain & Improve Relationships

Identify Hidden Opportunities

Grow Your Business

Exceptional Results

Engaged customers buy more. They will promote you more to others. Furthermore, engaged customers are more loyal.

For these reasons providing a high-quality customer experience is an important part in your B2B customer engagement strategy.

Outsourcing your customer reactivation campaign to our call centre services can increase ROI and save you and your team valuable time.

FMG customer reactivation call centre operates as an invisible extension of your sales and marketing teams.

And partnering with FMG for your B2B customer engagement ensures you have an expert partner providing a high quality solution.

We can work with your team to maintain client relationships ensuring long-term sales results without the use of hard selling. We can partner with you on a call centre customer engagement campaign spanning inbound and outbound telemarketing services.

Ensuring regular contact with existing clients helping exceed their expectations and retain loyalty.

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Maintain & Improve Relationships

Our call centre sales agents understand the buyer journey. They maintain customer relationships, keeping in touch with your clients. Regularly calling your clients, our agents continue to build relationships and nurture leads. Most importantly, this helps to maximise the lifetime value of your existing customers.

Identify Hidden Opportunities

Without ongoing contact with your clients, accounts can become dormant. It is not usually as a result of them not needing your product or service, but rather they are busy. Hence, buying from you isn’t a top priority or front of mind. However with gentle prompting through regular phone calls, hidden opportunities can be uncovered.

Grow Your Business

We can run your outsourced customer engagement campaign as a stand-alone project. Alternatively, it can form a part of an appointment-setting or lead generation campaign. Our clients often add customer engagement to their existing campaign. Doing this ensures they don’t miss any up-selling or cross-selling opportunities.

Exceptional Results

Our clients choose us because we’re experts at creating engaging and effective customer experiences. They stay with us because we deliver exceptional results. Each week we make thousands of sales and customer service calls, generating millions of dollars of new sales opportunities for our clients. Read our case studies to see some of the amazing results we have achieved for our clients.