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Call Centre Services

Australia’s Leading Outsourced Call Centre


FMG provides inbound and outbound call centre services to businesses across Australia.

Our services include Inbound Customer Services and Outbound Sales including Telemarketing, Lead Generation & Appointment Setting.

We operate as an invisible extension of your sales and marketing teams, supporting your initiatives and helping you achieve your targets.


FMG represent some of Australia’s best-known brands.

Our Australian Call Centre Agents are highly skilled in delivering exceptional customer service, building trust, promoting your brand and uncovering sales opportunities.

We make thousands of phone calls each week, handling customer enquiries and generating sales leads.  Our sales calls generate millions of dollars of new business for our clients each year.


FMG has created a stable, high-performing customer service and sales team, delivering consistent results for our clients.

We understand that protecting your brand is the highest priority. So we provide ongoing training and support to ensure every conversation creates an exceptional customer experience.

Our robust technology and quality control give our clients full transparency of our interactions and confidence that we are delivering the highest standard of customer service.

Call Centre Services

Customer Service

Inbound Customer Service creates happy customers and  increases brand loyalty


Telemarketing allows you to personally communicate with your prospects & customers

Lead Generation

Lead Generation generates interest & captures leads to build a sales pipeline

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting gets your sales team in front of more qualified prospects

Outsourced Call Centre Services


FMG makes outsourcing easy.

Focused on building collaborative long-term partnerships, we encourage our clients to meet with us regularly and develop relationships with their agents to create a seamless integration. Meetings can be held by phone, video conferencing or in our office.

Since 2006 we’ve designed thousands of successful and understand that every business requires a tailored approach to deliver value.

Our call centre protects your brand

Our Call Centre Agents are Australia’s best conversationalists, where quality conversations deliver exceptional results.

Our proven sales approach and robust systems have established us as the highest quality outsourced customer service call centre.

We’re proud to represent some of Australia’s best known brands.

Call Centre Agents

Benefits of our Call Centre Services

Stable &
Quality &

Why Partner with FMG

Our Managing Director, Richard Forrest, explains why our clients chose to partner with FMG.

“Clients chose us because of our values, culture and staff.”

Our Call Centre Services Generate Results

Telemarketing Case Study

“We needed to work with someone our prospects were going to trust right from when they take the first phone call.”

Watch our client Videos

Businesses chose FMG for our experience delivering call centre services. They stay with us because we deliver exceptional results.

Each week we make thousands of sales calls, generating millions of dollars of new sales opportunities for our clients.

“Partnering with FMG meant we could really drive our business as we had the right people doing the right things.”

Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Case Study

“It’s reassuring for me to know if I am busy, there is someone else working on keeping our sales pipeline full.”

Lead Generation Case Study

“With FMG you get a professional product and you get it all the time.”

Outbound Lead Generation Appointment Setting Case Study

“The results that FMG get are easily the best that we have ever seen.”

Call Centre Services Supports Sales & Marketing

FMG partner with Sales and Marketing Teams, expanding their resources and strengthening their initiatives.  We provide a full range of call centre services to help you achieve your sales and marketing targets.

Extending Sales Teams

Our agents can work as your complete outsourced sales department or expand your sales team when you require additional resources or expertise.

Supporting Marketing Teams

We can support your marketing initiatives by delivering the right message at the right time to your customer database. Representing some of Australia’s best-known brands, our call centre agents are highly skilled and trained to promote your brand with every conversation.

Our Clients’ Results

Read our Case Studies to learn how we can support your business growth.
Our proven approach delivers exceptional results and helps our clients achieve their sales and marketing targets.

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