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“Our B2B Appointment Setters book thousands of qualified appointments delivering millions of dollars of new business for our clients every year.”

How an FMG Appointment Setter can help you

Engaging decision makers and sourcing quality sales leads continue to be some of the biggest challenges facing B2B companies.  

Lead generation is one of most important, yet complex and imperfect parts of selling. Further exacerbated with buyers having greater access to research and product knowledge before engaging with companies. This means getting to prospects before they find your competitors is more important than ever.

If you need to get your sales team in front of more qualified sales leads, FMG can help.

FMG’s highly skilled Appointment Setters specialise in opening conversations and and building relationships. Following our proven prospecting process, our Appointment Setters get our clients in front of super busy decision makers.  

Our Appointment Setters will contact your target market, connect with decision makers, qualify prospects, pitch your business, and book meetings for your sales team. Getting your sales team in front of qualified sales opportunities and saving you time, money and stress.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Face to face meetings are vital for selling a complex product or service, or when you are seeking a large financial commitment, but securing a meeting can be a challenging. Many business lack the resources need to dedicate sufficient time to consistent sales prospecting. Our appointment setting experts know how to reach your prospects and secure a face to face appointment, so your sales team can take the next step towards closing sales.

Phone Appointments

Phone appointments are best when you require a high volume of sales leads or selling a simple low commitment product or service. Generally, business decision makers are more likely to accept a phone appointment than a face to face meeting. Phone appointments also increase your market reach as you can present to businesses outside your geographic area. Additionally, they can save your sales representatives valuable travel time, giving them more time to follow up on leads and build relationships with prospects.

All meetings and appointments are qualified and validated by our quality control process to ensure each confirmed booking meets your criteria.

FMG’s appointment setters can use your existing contact list, source a reliable list for you, or add to your existing list with additional contacts to expand your field of prospects.

Proven Returns

FMG’s B2B appointment setting campaigns are proven to generate sales and increase revenue, and many of our clients achieve a positive return within the first three months.

See our customer success case studies to see some of the amazing appointment setting results we have achieved since 2006.


Appointment Setting: How to get started

Your Account Manager will guide you through the setup phase of your appointment setting campaign, including:

  • Designing the campaign strategy to achieve your business objectives
  • Identifying the companies and decision makers to call
  • Developing your value proposition
  • Writing a conversation-based sales script
  • Briefing meetings with the operations team
  • Training sessions with your Appointment Setters
  • Setup of your online portal and detailed campaign reporting

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When considering outsourcing lead generation many are unsure what to expect, and how long it will take to generate results. So we have put together our lead generation timeline - showing what to expect month by month from your lead generation campaign when working with FMG.




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