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How does an Appointment Setting campaign work?

How does an Appointment Setting campaign work?

How does an Appointment Setting campaign work?

Our Appointment Setters can contact your target market. They will connect with decision makers, qualify prospects, pitch your business, and book meetings for your sales team.

We get your sales team in front of qualified sales opportunities and focused on closing deals rather than doing the cold calling themselves. Our appointment setting campaigns can generate either face to face meetings or phone appointments.

Face-to-face meetings

Face to face meetings are vital for selling a complex product or service, or when you are seeking a large financial commitment. However securing a meeting can be challenging. Many businesses lack the resources needed to dedicate sufficient time to consistent sales prospecting. Our appointment setting experts know how to reach your prospects and secure a face to face appointment. This means your sales team can take the next step towards closing sales.

Phone appointments

Appointments over the phone are best when you require a high volume of sales leads or selling a simple low commitment product or service. Generally, decision makers are more likely to accept a phone appointment than a face-to-face meeting. Phone appointments increase your market reach as you can present to businesses outside your area. Additionally, they save your sales team valuable travel time, giving them more time to follow up on leads and build relationships with prospects.

All meetings and appointments are qualified and validated by our quality control process. This ensures each confirmed appointment meets your qualification criteria.

FMG’s appointment setters can use your existing contact list. Alternatively we can source a reliable list for you, or through our internal researchers, build or add to your existing list with additional contacts to expand your database of prospects.

Our Account Managers work with you to customise your appointment setting campaign to suit your business and objectives.

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